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Kitchen Lighting: The Changing Trends

Everything about our households is changing, the size, the shape, the color and the layout. So is the case with the all-important Kitchen. Everything right from your kitchen appliances, wall color and layout impacts the lighting choices.
Countertops Influence Lighting Choices 

Most of the affluent households use quartz-based countertops mainly with a matte finish. The matte finish countertops do not cause glare like glossy counter tops and hence provide a more neutral environment for almost every kind of light.

Dark Appliances Require More Light 

Although the black stainless appliance in trend eliminates the unsightly fingerprints, they create the need for additional light in the kitchen. The darker appliance owing to less reflective index compared to light colored appliances, make the room appear darker. This is why the right lighting is essential with the increase in the usage of darker appliances and cabinetry.

Taller The Ceiling, Longer The Fixture
The average ceiling height of households has risen. With the increase in height, it’s natural to have longer scones, chandeliers or pendant lights.

Darker The Color, More The Light

With people experimenting with darker shades on the kitchen walls, proper lighting to provide adequate illumination is a must. Sometimes, there are two or more colors used on the walls. In this case, lights which can emit both yellow and white lights can be used.