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Tips To Enhance The Room Lighting

When it comes to interior lighting, there are few rules that need focus, one is to have layers of lighting to highlight each important and active area, and the other is to use a mix of lighting sources in terms of making each area active and task friendly.

Below are tips to highlight what room deserves what kind of light.

Dining Room

It is considered to be a good option if the dining table is the brightest in a dining room as it will draw people in. A pendant light or a chandelier would be a good option to highlight the table. The rest of the area in the room should be relaxing and have a subtle glow. A small pair of table lamps or some matching sconces in the room will be a good choice.


The bedroom is the area where people want to relax, it should be cozy and comfortable. Similarly, the lights should also create an environment which is intimate and cozy. Recessed or track lights should not directly illuminate the bed, instead, these should highlight the dressing area. There can be a side lamp beside the bed or on a study table to mildly illuminate the room or specific areas.


The main area of a bathroom is the mirror, which is utilized the most. A pair of sconces neighboring the mirror would be a good option. Lights to fully illuminate a room is also a must, to eliminate any shadow on your face and for cleaning purpose as well.
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